MMC AANA Grand Reunion 2019
Mymensingh Medical College- Alumni Association of North America (MMC-AANA) is proud to announce its Reunion on June 14th and 15th 2019 at New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott. You, along with family and friends are cordially invited to join this grand event!


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Dear MMC Alumni Friends,                                                             July 11th, 2018
          Thank you all for participating in MMC  AANA Gala Reunion of 2018. Hope you all had fun as much I did.  I believe it was a successful and fun filled reunion. Was exciting to see you all. Hope you all have enjoyed the fabulous performance of all talented  MMCians and guest artist. Thanks to our Convention and Cultural Committee  has done an excellent  job to organize such a fantastic program for you all.

CME hours was excellent, was hoping for more participation and attendance, hopefully there would  be in an expanded program in future convention.

From  organizational  point of view, we also have made significant progress by ratifying a Constitution  and Bylaws for MMC  AANA. Thanks to the bylaws committee for finalizing a draft of the Constitution in such short notice and time, now  we can move forward  to our desired and stated goals.

Annual General Membership  Meeting  passed  few  resolutions  as  follows :

    a. Present Executive  Committee  will  continue  to lead and  function  still new Executive Committee is elected.
    b. Executive committee will select Election Committee to conduct election  for Executive Committee per our newly adopted  Constitution and Bylaws.
    c. Convention in 2019 will be held on 3rd weekend of June, again in New York to build up the momentum  of the organization. Thereafter would be held each year on 3rd weekend of June.  Reunion for 2020 and 2021 is tentatively scheduled to be held at California and Florida respectively.
Present Convention Committee will organize New York Convention in 2019, thereafter a Convention Committee would be formed.
 Now  that we have hosted new website it is expected to be much easier to communicate and disseminate the association information to the members.  I would strongly encourage all MMCians not only to participate, but also to entice your friends who have been indifferent to MMC  DANA or new MMC  AANA. I would also encourage you all to get familiarize with our newly adopted Constitution and Bylaws of MMC AANA, now published on our website.
I am hoping to see a much  greater number MMCians participation in next year convention.
M. Abidur Rahman MD. FACS.   M-3
President.  MMC AANA