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Dear All,

Hoping by the grace of Almighty you all are doing well and staying safe during this deadly coronavirus pandemic.

As you are aware of that, Bangladesh Government has implemented a nationwide shutdown due to a corona virus outbreak. The citizens those are not fortunate enough, the working class who lives hand to mouth, the recent nationwide shutdown has left them with no means of living.

With this above view, MMC AANA has decided to raise money to help/feed needy people by providing them with a bag of Rice and other necessities (lentil, oil, potato, onion, soup, sugar etc.) through a NGO in Bangladesh, headed by Dr. Yesmin Sultana (Sheuli) M-19 along with many other MMCIANs working together in assisting her.

We are requesting all of you to donate to “MMC AANA COVID 19 Fund” any amount you may provide will be used to buy the supplies for donation. Please click below to " Donate" and pay by using your Credit/Debit card or by using your  PayPal account (if you have) . If you have any difiiculties to pay or you prefer to pay by check or direct  deposit to MMC AANA Bank account please contact to following persons listed below.

Please note that MMC AANA is a registered Nonprofit Organization, your generous donation will be Tax deductible.

We encourage everybody to donate generously to help the stricken day laboror who are in need in Bangladesh.

Thank you


Executive Committee

Mohammud Alam (Tuku), M-19: (631) 742-9081
Sinha Monsur, M-20: (917) 745-6770
Tanvir Hossain (Kennedy) M-20, (702) 373-4136

Moin Ahmad (Topu), M-21:(240) 350-6177
Zakir Mridha: M-24, (314) 341-5275
Sabina Ahmed: M-21, (815) 670-0685
Saleh Parvez: M-22, (407) 748-0674
Mobaswera Sikder Rashi: M-25, (347) 439-0497
Abdul Ali Manu: M-18, (647) 702-6419
Umme Ruman Rais: M-23, (818) 497-4303

Abidur Rahman, M-03: (269) 209-9587

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