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June 01, 2018
Welcome Message from President

Dear MMC Alumni Friends.
I am excited to welcome you all to this year MMC AANA reunion on June 30th , 2018 at New York. It has been long many years since we started journey together in 2006. For various explained or unexplained reasons we did not progress much as entity since the beginning.
As you now we did arrange a meeting in December, 2017 to kick off reorganization efforts. Since then many things happened on background and the convention committee has been working hard to make this meeting success.
This time we hope to organize ourselves to an active functional entity, so that we as a group would be proud to be MMC alumni and promote friendship, cooperation amongst alumni. We also should remember the origin of our medical education. As an organization we should dedicate our focus on enhancing standard of education and services in Mymensingh Medical College through donation, technology transfer or service missions. I would encourage any members to contact the executive committee for the suggestions.
I honestly hope you will have great time and expect your continued enthusiastic support for MMC AANA.

M. Abidur Rahman. MD. FACS
M – 3
President. MMC AANA


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Registration fee for the Gala Reunion 29-30th June, 2018. NY


Dear MMCians,
You all are invited, your participation is very important!!
As the count down begins for our Gala Reunion, on the 29-30th June, 2018, here is the registration detail for the up-coming event.
Registration fee for the Gala Reunion is applicable to all our alumni:
1. Practicing physicians and their guests: $125.00 each
2. Non-practicing physicians and their guests: $50.00 each
3. Student physicians and their guests : $20.00 each
(funds will be available for the student physicians to assist with registration)

Thank you!



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